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Locked out of your car?

Simply flash in your personal code...

... for no hassle access to your vehicle.

Find yourself locked out? NO PROBLEM. Use the door handle to enter your secret code.Simply lift and release the door handle to enter the digits. If the entered code matches your preset code, "POP", you're in!

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Non-volatile memory storage of source code and Personal ID codes.No need to reset after power loss.
  • Personal ID codes of one digit (min) to five digits (max)
  • Thousands of Personal ID code combinations
  • User re-programmable Persoanl ID Code via input source, (door handle). NO additional hardware required.
  • Audible feedback system
  • Simple 3 wire electronic connection
  • Easily interfaced into existing hardware (retrofittable)
  • Integrally and seamlessly mounted into the vehicle allowing the system to be concealed
  • Nothing for the user to carry
  • Various input sensing sources are available.
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What makes the Know-Key™ System so unique? The Know-Key™ System is built right into the vehicle! Connected directly to the door handle. No ugly keypad. Nothing to carry. No hidden or spare keys needed. No one to call. Works in any vehicle with power door locks. No monthly fees. No "emergency service" costs. Buy it, install it. Affordable, and…You're in the vehicle IN SECONDS!

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